Who are we

We come from different backgrounds, having strengths in stuff like IoT, ML, Education, Molecular Biology, Neuroscience and so on. What unites us is the maker spirit - the urge to make stuff ourselves. So we pooled our resources together and converted our garage to a place where we can build and share.



An erstwhile cancer researcher, and an infectious diseases specialist, enthusiastic about making lab tools more accesible and DIY-able


Once a neuroscientist, now into electronics, IoT and CV. Also teaches at a school few days a week, to make the next generation of makers.



Also a neuroscientist earlier, working on memory and learning in Drosophila, now has moved to Machine Learning and the likes. He is a passionate maker with interest in IoT, 3d printing, CV, electronics and some mech stuff.


A passionate teacher, making science enjoyable to kids of all ages. She loves to help build anything anybody is making


How we got here

Tools are expensive. And as a bunch of friends, we decided to pool in and share the tools we buy, the 3d printer being the first of them. Sudarshan (who passed away in 2012), wanted our garage to be a place where wide-eyed hardware hackers could come together and build stuff.

Continuing in the direction of his vision, a bunch of us friends, from IISc (Indian Institute of Science) and NCBS (National Centre for Biological Sciences) would meet up regularly thinking up plans for the makerspace, and started working on some pet projects. Soon,we also built up a repository of electronics components, including things that would take quite a while to come from China. Then a friend brought in a whole pile of chemicals, to do some home brew chemistry experiments. Soon it looked like a place where some of our students could come and build stuff for themselves. And we decided to open it up for others, to spread the maker spirit.