What is Kreu


Kreu means 'create' in Esperanto. And that's what we do. We are a makerspace, where we build stuff. We love to spread the maker culture and the joy of DIY-ing.

We have some hand tools and power tools to work with wood and aluminium, apart from some stock raw material to work with. We also have a 3d printer for you to use. We are also well stocked in electronic components. Perfect for some kickass electro-mechanical marvels. And probably more important than the rest, we have folks who have some experience in IoT, Machine  Learning, Molecular Biology, Neuroscience, electronics, 3d printing, web development, android development etc.

So, dont wait! Come over and make something!


Stuff born at Kreu


sensorVector is an android app that shows the readings from different sensors as a 2 dimensional vector. This is a great teaching aid, and also a fun tool to explore how forces, acceleration etc. work. Check it out here


Kotay is a strategy board game of building and conquest. The goal of the game is to build a kingdom, spawn armies and destroy the capital cities of the other players. Exploration, trade, temporary alliances, and negotiations are the true flavors of the game and battles are unique in being on the knife's edge between chance and ability. Check it out here.