What is Kreu


Kreu means 'create' in Esperanto. And that's what we do. We are a makerspace, where we build stuff. We love to spread the maker culture and the joy of DIY-ing.

We have some hand tools and power tools to work with wood and metal, apart from some stock raw material to work with. We also have a couple of 3d printers and a small CNC milling machine for you to use. We are also well stocked in electronics tools and components. Perfect for some kickass electro-mechanical marvels. And probably more important than the rest, we have folks who have some experience in woodworking, IoT, Molecular Biology, Neuroscience, CAD, electronics, 3d printing, programming, welding, art etc.

So, dont wait! Come over and make something!



Kreu ft. Repair Cafe

Instead of throwing away your misbehaving or broken stuff, learn to fix it. In association with Repair Cafe Bengaluru, this workshop is being hosted at Kreu, where you can get your stuff to the venue and learn to fix it (or die trying). Mark the dates: 29th Oct 2023: 2pm - 4pm

Feel free to anyone who might benefit from it. Register <here>